Service Area Expansion

There is more to growing a small business into a large business, other than simply taking on more clients, hiring more staff and agreeing to service new areas. For a business like ours, we look at many aspects, when we decide to expand our service area. We make sure we can continue our high level of service in compliance with Government & Environmental regulations.

Needless to say, we are in a very regulated industry, and with good reason. SOS Oil, and other waste oil collection companies are required to collect, transport, treat and dispose of waste oil and related products in line with environmental regulations. At SOS Oil, we’re passionate about what we do and aim to offer our customers a service that’s second to none. We don’t tie our customers to contracts, we keep our customers by offering exceptional service.

SOS Oil is a fast growing business and initially serviced from Gold Coast in the South, to Ipswich in the West and up to the Sunshine Coast in the North. SOS Oil is now making frequent collections, Noosa and Gympie. We are also starting regular collections in new areas, stretching our oil pick-up area to support businesses in Dalby, Hervey Bay, Maryborough and even Bundaberg.

Our vision for the future is to establish depots in strategic areas across South East Queensland, further allowing us to improve our service, and effectively meeting the growing demand for waste oil collection.

If your business or organisation requires waste collection services, then don’t hesitate in contacting us for a free assessment, or for your waste oil collection.