Bund and Pit Cleaning

SOS Oil added a new service truck to our collection, and it is the perfect addition to our fleet of waste collection trucks. Our new truck not only assists with our waste oil collection services – it is also the start of our service expansion. Designed and modified to service hard to reach workshops and places, the truck is a small compact unit, offering a low clearance of below two metres.

As a self-sufficient unit, the truck is fitted with a water tank and in-built pressure washer. There is no need for power or water and the truck is multifunctional – it can vacuum out the waste into the tank while operating the pressure washer unit and cleaning the area at the same time, making it perfect for bund and pit cleans.

The truck is a perfect service and cost saving unit; it takes no longer than 5 minutes to get it all running. The benefits of the new truck include the benefit of not requiring power cords to electrical outlets or the packing and unpacking equipment from vehicles – it is just turn-on and go!

We believe trucks like this are extremely efficient at these types of jobs, ultimately reducing the disruption to your daily operations, saving you time and money in the long run.

Common jobs include the cleaning of Elevator Lift Pits – the kind of jobs created by storm water waste or oil spills. Here we can effectively remove the waste, leaving the pit clean and cleared for your technicians to resume work.  

The service can be customised to your business needs, whether it is just a quick and simple waste removal or a full service, where cleaning and pressure washing can be offered.

If your business or organisation requires any of these services, then do no not hesitate to contact us for a free assessment.