About Us

Initiated in 2016, SOS Oil stared a free waste oil collection company servicing the greater Brisbane area. We are an Australian owned and operated family business, with a team of highly trained staff with over 20 years’ experience in the oil industry.

We’ve expanded rapidly and now employ a team of skilled individuals, to enhance our oil collection services.

Our fleet consists of 3,000L Vacuum trucks, Oil Collection Tankers – ranging from 7,000L to 14,000L, DG curtain sider with tail lift, Tanker trailers and Prime Movers.

SOS Oil is a licensed collector and processor of waste oil products. We collect, transport and process used oil in a sustainable, and responsible manner that is compliant with all current legislation. We ensure that all waste oils are safely transported and delivered to licensed processors to ensure proper recycling.

At SOS Oil, we can also safely collect and remove other regulated waste, including used oil filters, oily rags, coolants, oily waters and flammables for responsible disposal and recycling. SOS Oil’s value added services ensure workshops and manufacturing facilities remain compliant with waste legislation.